Saturday, July 20, 2013


So, going out of my comfort zone here and exposing a little more of myself.

So, some of you might not get this if you have never struggled with self-esteem issues or even weight issues.... but I am so happy I just want to shout and scream!!

For many years I have suffered with a very negative view of myself. As much as I would try to be "happy" on the outside, inside I was dying. I've had so many things happen in my life that just knocked me on my ass. But I always seemed to get up and keep moving...even if at times I felt like a robot.

What really changed me was my mom getting diagnosed with cancer, going through those struggles with her and ultimately losing her. It honestly makes me cry to know I had to lose my mom to "get it."

I know I had to go through that experience to get where I am now. But, isn't that what life is about?

What I took away from that experience was what a difference having a positive attitude and a change in diet can do for the human. I've told some people this, but to me, mom looked healthier and her attitude..well it helped with her quality of life.

My awakening  has been slow, but constant and steady. It really does start with one step, one small change in behavior and thought.

I've accomplished more in the past year on the thought level than I ever thought possible.

When I say I get it, I GET WHAT IT TAKES to succeed. I really am tired of being fat. There are things I want to do that at this moment, I can't do.

I've lost 35 lbs since last July with 12 of them being in the last month. I workout 6 days a week and I have never felt stronger!!

So, if you are struggling, only takes ONE to add up to MANY!